Supporting complete heart health. Unique 2-part formula to protect blood vessel integrity and function.
  • Developed to work synergistically to support a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Supports healthy blood pressure, circulation and cholesterol levels.
  • Contains nutrients for healthy brain function, mental clarity & focus.

Variety: A unique blend of plant extracts plus essential fatty acids provide your body with a variety of nutrients.

Vigilance: Essential Omega fatty acids help keep your heart, blood and cells healthy and strong.

Vitality: Unique formula supports healthy ageing so you can continue to enjoy your active lifestyle.

A healthy cardiovascular system is vital for a healthy, long life. To look after your heart, blood vessels, circulation and to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol you need a variety of nutrients. The plant extracts and essential fatty acids in Circulytes have been hand-picked because they provide these health benefits and more.

  • Active Ingredients per Omega Capsule: 250mg Fish Oil (Omega 3), 250mg Borage Oil (Omega 6), 250mg Evening Primrose Oil (Omega 6), 250mg Wheat Germ Oil (Omega 6), 1mg Rosemary Oil
  • Active Ingredients per Herbal Tablet: 1,000mg Ginkgo, 130mg Pau D’Arco, 50mg Rutin, 50mg Bioflavonoids, 150mg Crataegus (Hawthorn), 3mg Cayenne, 75mg White Willow Bark, 200mg Garlic

For best results, take 1 capsule (Omega) and 1 tablet (Herbal) daily with your evening meal.


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