Alpha Lipid™ Ultra Diet™2 Programme – 2 Week Pack


  • Long-term solution to weight management.
  • Renewed energy, improved health.
  • Reduction of hunger pangs & food cravings.
  • On-going online support.
  • Delicious, affordable & easy to prepare recipes & meal planners.
Alpha Lipid™ Ultra Diet™ 2

Great quality, protein in a tasty, convenient shake. Provides up to 40g of Protein per day while supporting blood sugar balance and healthy muscle mass.



Your detoxing superhero! Keeps you feeling full, assists with blood sugar control and swift detoxification and essential for healthy gut and bowel function.


Your secret weapon. Manage your sugar cravings, reduce carbohydrate absorption, manage your blood sugar and stay on track with ease.

Uriscan Ketone Strips

A daily test to ensure success. A simple test to check if you are burning fat. Test daily – no guesswork – if you are testing pink you are burning fat!

Lite Seasoner

Flavour added your way. A mineral seasoner with reduced sodium. The ready-to-use seasoning that provides potassium.



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